SUT Szczecin Story

We are thriving and developing on the market.

Together with our partners we have built

a strong international brand.

Our highly qualified staff is a full partner in finding optimal solutions for welding technology. From the selection of machines and materials through the servicing of equipment to training and competence acquisition in a very wide range.
Our own warranty and post-warranty service is a partner and representative of national and international manufacturers.

Our market position is guaranteed by concluded trade agreements with key suppliers of solutions used in welding technology, including: ESAB, KEMPPI, Lincoln Electric, Hypertherm, Kjellberg, NST, ITW, MTC.


We offer a wide range of financing options.


SUT, Limited is founded as the second branch of the Bremen-based company Schweiss und Umwelttechnik, which has been active on the German market since 1988. During the first three years SUT Szczecin develops very dynamically and moves from a private apartment to the rented premises of its main customer, the Adolf Warski shipyard.

At that time the company became known as a specialized supplier of welding equipment from many reputable manufacturers, as well as a supplier of industrial ventilation and safety equipment to protect welders in their hard and dangerous work.


By expanding the group of highly qualified employees, the company becomes a competent advisor to companies in the field of establishing the welding technology and the selection of welding materials, as well as in many other issues related to welding technologies, gas and plasma cutting, and automation and robotization of welding processes.

We also advise interested companies on topics related to the selection of CNC machines for thermal cutting, especially using plasma technology.


SUT Szczecin expands its offer with a highly specialised service for welding machines and equipment.

The high quality of the services provided and the competence of the staff allow us to establish partnership cooperation in this field with the largest in the market. In this group should be noted companies: ESAB, LINCOLN ELECTRIC, KEMPPI, KJELLBERG, HYPERTHERM, HILBIG, ESS.


The company moves to newly built premises
at 12 Blizińskiego Street.


SUT Szczecin is one of the first companies to introduce a quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Highly qualified specialist engineering staff allows SUT to maintain further dynamic growth and strengthen its market position.


A training and examination center for welders is established, recognised by TÜV, PRS, UDT. Welding and cutting courses in all methods are organised, and previously acquired welding qualifications are renewed.


After twenty-five years of successfully managing SUT Szczecin, Bogusław Deręgowski, the president, retires. Olgierd Tomasz Mackiewicz, who has been associated with the company for many years, is appointed new president.