We are the only center for training welders that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Experienced instructors, professionally equipped cabins,

flexible, individual approach to the customer and attractive prices have distinguished us from the competition for years.

Our greatest advantage is flexibility, so we give you the opportunity to start training or take the exam at any individually agreed time.

For us every customer is important so you do not have to wait weeks

to start a course.


SUT Szczecin

We teach welding in virtually every common welding method: 135, 136, 138, 131, 141, 111, 311 or cutting: 81, 83, all types of joints and welds, butt and fillet welds of both sheets and pipes.

Our welding training center is recognized by many major partners such as TUV, PRS, UDT. We organize constant and regular examinations of welders with: UDT, PRS, TUV, DNV GL and others since 2008.

Come and meet us!

Monika Jankowska

Welding Workshop Manager | Preceptor

TEL:    +48 91 8 148 154
MOB:  +48 506 101 852

Marcin Górski

MOB:  +48 663 763 553
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